What Is MMA Fighting?

What Is MMA Fighting

What Is MMA Fighting

MMA fighting is one of the more interesting combat sports on the planet and has earned praise for its mixture of skill and pure aggression.

For those still learning the ropes and asking, “What is MMA fighting?” here’s a little dive into the topic of this combat sport and all that it has to offer.

What is MMA Fighting?

MMA stands for “Mixed Martial Arts” (a name founded by Howard Rosenberg). This particular sport involves full-contact with legal use of striking and grappling. It has been seen in various places around the world including Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil to name a few including the Four Asian Tigers.

The idea of terming it “mixed” had to do with the controlled use of various martial arts all at once including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Before this came about, Vale Tudo was famous as a way for fighters to compete. This was also around when the Gracie family. Helio Gracie started to create a new approach to fighting with the use of their Brazilian skillset.

Some of the world’s finest fighters have tried their hands at this sport and only the brightest have managed to do well. It’s a unique sport and one that demands excellence.


It was with the start of UFC 1 that MMA fighting started to take a life of its own. There were quality fighters looking to start. Bellator also runs on this this new brand and make it one of the more powerful MMA entities on the planet.

This is precisely what happened as soon as professionals trained to handle these rigorous conditions agreed to sign up.

Since that point, UFC has become one of the most popular companies and competitions of all time.

This is a sport that continues to grow with each passing year and is now attracting world-class talent from around the planet.