Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu Dummy, Mats & Gear Near Me

Jiu Jitsu Dummy Mats & Gear Near Me

Jiu Jitsu or “joo-JOOT-soo” is a well-established Japanese martial art that has become popular over the years. It’s practiced […]

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MMA Information

what is mma fighting

What Is MMA Fighting?

MMA fighting is one of the more interesting combat sports on the planet and has earned praise for its mixture of skill and pure aggression. For those still learning the ropes and asking, “What is MMA fighting?” here’s a little dive into the topic of this combat sport and all that it has to offer. What is MMA Fighting? MMA stands for “Mixed Martial Arts” (a name founded by Howard Rosenberg). This particular sport involves full-contact with […]

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R MMA Junkie Gloves, Shorts & Gear

R MMA Junkie Gloves Shorts & Gear

The term MMA was coined by Howard Rosenberg and ever since then, athletes have looked for a competitive advantage. This is where great gloves and shorts have taken over and it’s time to assess what makes them great. Premium-Grade One of the reasons to invest in great gear is knowing it will be made by professionals and is going to look the part. This is where R MMA Junkie Gloves, Shorts & Gear stands out over anything […]

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